Wooden chandelier – get that rustic look back

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Wood has always been an important element when White Wooden Floor Lamp Base wood floor lamp it comes to building houses and furniture. From the floor of the house to the roof, each and every part of a house could be built using the wood. The typical wooden house have a great warm and rustic look in them, which could never be found in a contemporarily built houses or apartments. If there is one component that would successfully complete this rustic look of the house, it has to be the lighWhite Wooden Floor Lamp Base francis floor lampting. The lamps made of wood are a great addition to any house, not necessarily a wooden house, however, they must meet the need to complement the other furniture in the house. The wooden chandeliers are the winners here when it comes to completing such a look.

Here are some of the important points to be noted while looking for a wooden chandelier.

Types of wood

The wooWhite Wooden Floor Lamp Base white wooden floorden chandeliers come in different types of wood. There are two major types here the real wood, which are relatively heavier. This type of wood is great for an authentic wooden house kind of setting. Usually the real wood also has some artistic designs included in their chandeliers, and of course for durability they also come with protective coating which needs to be maintained constantly. However White Wooden Floor Lamp Base antique cream washwhen it comes to their grandeur, there are very few chandeliers that could compete with the real wooden chandeliers. These are generally on the higher side of the pricing scale. The artificial wooden chandeliers are relatively cheaper and lighter. Usually they do not have much craft included as the thickness and weight of wood is quite less, however, by using different materials they allow unique White Wooden Floor Lamp Base outstanding wooden floorwiring configurations. They are relatively cheaper compared to the real wood.

Type of lighting

The wooden chandeliers are famous for giving that unique rustic experience and in order to complete that feel one must give consideration to the type of lighting one wants to use. For example, having a wooden chandelier and using white fluorescent light would be bad match. Similarly White Wooden Floor Lamp Base conclusion. moreover, thehaving a wooden chandelier in contemporary houses with cement flooring would be a bad match. This type of lightings follow certain aesthetics to fulfill their uniqueness. A perfect match would be to use wooden chandeliers with a light color similar to that of candle light that would be the incandescent lamps.


There are two sizes which matter in this case. The size of the wooden chandelier and the size of the room. In this case one must consider not only the area of the room but also the height of the room. One must know how big a chandelier to buy and how far can this chandelier hang down from the ceiling. Usually in a mid-size room, the higher the chandelier the better the lighting, however, if the chandelier is quite long, this would mean that it would hang quite low from the ceiling, whereby the lighting is no more sufficient for the room and the chandelier is too big for the room. The measurement of these factors are quite important to buy the right kind of wooden chandeliers.

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