Why to have wireless sconce lighting in your house

Why to have wireless sconce lighting in your house


Light Fixation on wall that uses it only for support and not always but usually their direction of light is upwards is the definition of sconces. They do not have their base on the ground. Due to this reason, installation of electric box is needed. Different forms as per definition of sconces are available i.e. gas or candle light, traditional torch, and modern electric touch. Wall lights and other synonyms are used for moderns fitting essentially if it has a glass covering.

Different sconce lighting

Lighting for both exteriors and interiors can be done by sconces. In olden days, they were used to hold torch and candle respectively. Scones holding candle were even made of silver in 17th century and later with porcelain by the end of 18th century. Now sconces are used in corridors and hallways mostly but can also be used in other rooms for both to create interest in the area and lighting.

With developments now battery operated or wireless sconce lights have come up. As the name says these can operated by remote and hence the cluster of wires and strings can be effectively avoided.

Benefits of having wireless sconce lightings –

  • Being Battery operated they do not need electricity and hence help conserve energy.
  • It works generally on LEDs bulbs. LEDs provide brighter light along with less power consumptions and also they last long hence complete value for money.
  • They work excellently to create effective character and soft light in stairways or hallways.
  • Wireless sconce lightings also come in art glasses crafted in tiffany style.
  • Adding sconce usually work best when added in series or paired around mirror or any art pieces.
  • Batteries of these lights are easy to be replaced. Many wireless sconce light along with remote also come with switch options.
  • These can be also installed in outdoors and when required can be used by remote action. Buglers and invasions in the house or in garden can be checked from far with remote action though motion sensor lamps are better.


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