Wholesale lighting suppliers

Wholesale lighting suppliers

Wholesale lighting suppliers supply different lighting fixtures in a wholesale price to the distributors and customers. There are many such lighting suppliers and the advent of internet means that their outreach has increased manifold and they can target many more customers than ever before. Most of them have started dealing in modern lighting fixtures and a host of other sophisticated lighting technologies.


The lighting suppliers commonly deal in the following type of lighting fixtures.

LED Tube light, LED light transformer, LED bulbs, Recessed light, Ceiling lamp, Fluorescent lamp, Chandeliers, Crystal lighting, Contemporary lighting, Decorative lamp, Emergency and safety light, Lamp pole, Lawn light, Night light, Optical fibre lamp, Street light, Garage lighting, Flood lights Spot lights, Desk lamp, Wall sconces and many other types.


Most of the lighting suppliers have all or some of the lighting types such as Fluorescent, Linear Fluorescent, Plug ins, Halogen, LED, Incandescent, Fixtures and Ballasts and HID.


Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and the harnessing of this energy can light up homes and industries. There are some suppliers engaged in solar lighting and the potential in this field of lighting is immense.

Solar LED street lights, Solar revolving light, Solar rechargeable lantern, Solar garden lights, Solar lawn light, Solar reading lamp etc are the different solar lighting fixtures available today.

Solar energy is still in its infancy and that is the reason that not many suppliers of this type of lighting are available. It is a cheap source of energy and with the advancement of technology it is expected to become a major lighting source in the future.


There is no dearth of lighting suppliers in the market. Any type of lighting systems starting from bulbs to tubelights to LED fixtures and everything in between are available with many suppliers. Stylish lamps and decorative lighting items are available with all the major and minor players in the industry. Flashlights and floodlights to industrial lighting systems, there is no dearth of options for the customers due to the sheer number of suppliers engaged in the business of lighting.

Internet has become the main tool for the suppliers to ply their business. There are many websites of lighting suppliers where they display all the types of lighting systems supplied by them in wholesale price. The lighting systems can include bulbs, lamps, LED lights and many other fancy instruments of lighting.

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