Vintage chandeliers: types and tips

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Vintage chandeliers add grandeur and drama to aVintage Copper Table Lamp vintage copper medical table ny living space. They create an ambience of elegant sophistication that is unlike that resulting from any other modern lighting system.  A lot of vintage chandeliers were hand-made by master craftsmen, and as such are endowed with a uniqueness that can hardly be hoped for in a factory-produced chandelier. Vintage chandeliers can be used as a status symbol, to make an aesthetic statement, for ornaVintage Copper Table Lamp beautiful this poul henningsenmental purposes, and also to light up living spaces.

Types of vintage chandeliers

Chandeliers are hanging lights that are often elaborately made, with many tiers. A vintage chandelier, like old wine, was made some time back in time, but has aged gracefully. There are different types of vintage chandeliers that a buyer needs to be aware of.

Colonial Revival

Vintage Copper Table Lamp vintage copper table lamp>In the chandeliers made with wrought iron, designs that resemble colonial homes can be found.

Sometimes these chandeliers are referred to as Neo-Georgian. Vintage colonial-style chandeliers mostly have arms or branches that are designed to appear to be holding candles rather than bulbs. This feature increases their visual appeal.


Chandeliers that were designed aVintage Copper Table Lamp buy copper table lampt the time of the reign of Emperor Napoleon have the style of Italian decorative arts etched on them. . Their ornate filigrees and crystal strings give them a grand and dignified presence.


Tiffany chandeliers are stained glass works of art that are produced by the famous Tiffany and Co. in New York. They come in many formats, with some glass lamp shades that have the sVintage Copper Table Lamp dynamo floor lamp -hape of flower buds. They are available in many colors, so are likely to complement a great variety of living spaces.

Art Deco

Art Deco chandeliers are eye-catching in any living space. They are bold statements in geometrical designs and floral motifs that emphasise symmetry and streamlining. They are based on the Art Deco movement of the 1920’s and 1930’s in France.

<Vintage Copper Table Lamp single light pipe ledp>Victorian

Victorian vintage chandeliers are ornate glass and crystal creations that are of based on the late 19th century design traditions. These designs often come with a fabric or glass lamp shade and also lavish curves and scrolls. Altogether they provide a chic yet understated look

Factors to consider before installing a vintage chandelier

The factors to be considered are the size of the room and the height of the chandelier. A vintage chandelier should not be more than 20 inches in diameter for a small room. It can be bigger for larger rooms. Similarly chandeliers cannot be hung in a room that has a low ceiling.


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