Using crystals for chandeliers

Chandeliers are usually ornate light fixtures hung from the ceiling of a living space. Few things lend elegance and grandeur to a room like a chandelier.  It is considered a status symbol, and a reflection of the owner’s aesthetic taste.

Variety in crystal chandeliers

Using crystals for chandeliers is a perfect option in a ballroom. However, owners of homes with smaller rooms also can choose to have crystal chandeliers, since nowadays there is a great variety of chandeliers to choose from. A multi-tiered crystal chandelier is the traditional image, but nowadays even wall sconces are available.

Types of crystals of chandeliers

There are many types of crystals for chandeliers. Baroque crystal chandeliers have a few arms or branches, and look like traditional lamps. In between the arms are hung the crystals. The crown or empire chandelier is a commonly available one. They have a crown or ring, supporting the structure. Usually they are made of metal. The chandelier is hung from the ring or crown, thus assuming a round shape. Neoclassical crystal chandeliers are also very common, and are unique because of their fluting and multiple arms or branches. Contemporary crystal chandeliers are the modern chandeliers that can be seen in most urban houses. They are light fixtures with more than one light source, but may not be as elaborate or ornate as vintage chandeliers. Regency crystal chandeliers have a hoop, but it is hidden by the crystal that surrounds it. The canopy is held by the crown, in a Regency crystal chandelier.

The installation procedure of a crystal chandelier

Important considerations before the installation of a crystal chandelier is the placement of the chandelier, the height of the ceiling, the size of the room, and the electrical wiring available. The chandelier is usually place right in the centre of the room. The ceiling should be high enough to ensure that no one bumps their head against it. Many chandeliers nowadays come with adjustable heights. A good choice for a low ceiling will be shade chandeliers, since they are not very tall.  The chandelier’s size should be proportionate to the size of the room. Some vintage chandeliers have outdated electrical wiring, in which case it has to be reinstalled. There should be a support beam or a stud to support the chandelier on the ceiling. If the chandelier is too heavy, anchors and adhesives may need to be used for a solid support.


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