Types of wall decor sconce

Wall Decor Sconce image of: candle wall decor

From centuries lighting fixtures have changed fWall Decor Sconce image of: candle wall decor rom burning wick to electric lamp, but want didn’t change is the use of their holder i.e. wall décor sconce. This article will highlight different types of wall décor scones.

Wall sconces with arms –

To create illusion of larger area of room’s wall decors sconces should be placed with arms pointing upwards in entryways, hallways, or living room. Light is casted downwards foWall Decor Sconce image of: decorative wall sconcesr a more muted glow as seen in dining rooms and bathroom. Many times to increase the interest in the area sconces are added in opposite direction too.

Candle ones –

Candle holding ones are the first sconces started in past. With modern times these have been evolved a lot and now can be seen as a part of modern to rustic home decors. Sometimes these also come with shades that Wall Decor Sconce iron wall decorover the candle. Lights from these are small in amount and form welcoming and intimate feel.

Scones with swing arm –

When an adjustable light is required this type of wall sconces are needed. These task lights can be placed in areas such as nurseries, reading nooks and at bedside, where requirement is of flexible lighting.

Flush Mount sconces –

Flush mouElegant Wall Decor Sconce image of: gold sconcesnt wall sconces are similar to flush mount ceiling light fixtures and are directly mounted to the wall with arm features or designs with extensions. They provide general light and are commonly used in foyers and hallways.

Wall décor sconce – wallchieres –

Walchieres are similar to candle sconces with free standing or fitted torches or torchiere lamps. These cast lights witNew Wall Decor Sconce image of: decorative wallh diffusing shades and delicate designs. They go best in bathroom on either side of mirror, framings besides fire place, or in dining area.

Half Moon sconces –

Half Moon sconces have round closed base with open top and are similar to flush lights. Half Moon can be used as wall décor sconces in any room as they cast both mellow and bright light. ..

Recessed sconce liWall Decor Sconce i love candle wall sconces.ght –

As they are opposed to be installed on the wall most of their part is installed behind the wall as in case of flush lights. Recessed sconces are usually directional in function and used commonly along walkways and stairways.



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