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Floor lamps have continued to have an importantTorchiere Floor Lamp house of troy newport torchiere place in home décor. Today, a good number of homes are home to different varieties of floor lamps. But, you can never be in a position to get the best out of the floor lamps you are selling unless you choose floor lamps that are designed by the most reputable designers that are available in the industry today. In order to take the décor of your home to a whole new level, you can do well to takeTorchiere Floor Lamp torchiere floor lamp - room advantage of Torchiere or Torchiere floor lamps. These are among the best floor lamps that you can ever come across. These are lamps which were originally made by the French.  However, recent years have seen a number of designers come on board with new and modified French lamps. In case you are wondering which Torchiere lamps you can go for, you can consider the following floor lamp choices.

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The contemporary type

A good number of Torchiere floor lamps are recognised by their standing base or the lamp holder. The contemporary type is based on designs by designers from other parts of the world or French designers that have chosen to drift a bit from the original design. Therefore, it is quite different from the traditional type.

The traditional type

<Elegant Torchiere Floor Lamp lite source malibu darkp>The traditional Torchiere lamp is the one which features a structure and a number of attributes which are consistent with the traditional Torchiere floor lamps that were designed by French designers when the lamps first emerged on the scene. It is to distinguish this lamp from the contemporary type because the material used for its creation is consistent with the one that was used during the earInterior Torchiere Floor Lamp bronze torchiere floor lamp-18115-002liest days of the lamp’s design.

Transitional type

The transitional type features a base which is made of a transition metal. It is quite elegant and often produces enough light. A good number of transitional Torchiere lamps are actually available on the market and they may feature lamps with different colours.

Bronze type

The bronze type has a standing Torchiere Floor Lamp pair of brass torchiere floorbase or lamp holder which is rather narrower than the traditional and transitional types. It is very easy to identify it because the material of the lamp holder is predominantly bronze. It is also quite elegant in appearance due to the great finish that it comes with and its ability to emit light in spectacular fashion.


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