Tips on finding a light chandelier for interior décor

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Lighting a home has both decorative and functio5 Light Chandelier harmony 5-light chandelier in aged nal aspects. Each of these aspects of lighting are applicable singly, though there are rooms which can implement both at a go. A living room is lighted for both functional purposes as well as decorative aspects. When searching for a lighting fixture that can perform both aspects, chandeliers are the best.

Weight of the chandelier relates to so many factors including safety and losses. A hea5 Light Chandelier default_namevy chandelier if not fixed properly may fall and injure any person beneath. Apart from causing accidents, it can also lead to losses since it may destroy other valuable items such as expensive dining or living room tables. The chandelier itself when expensively bought and made of fragile materials such as crystals may break leading to losses.

Since these lighting fixtures are known for thei5 Light Chandelier kenna 5-light mini chandelierr heavy weight, it can sometimes be difficult to find a light chandelier with a chic look that you desire for your décor.

Here are a number of tips on how to find chandelier of the right weight of your ceiling,

Room measurements

As much as your focus lies on weight of the lighting fixture, you cannot ignore their sizes since size has a direct correlation with the weigPhotos of 5 Light Chandelier the lacey 5-lightht. Finding the right size for your room could just reduce the weight factor associated with the size of chandelier. Take measurements of your room’s width and height using a tape measure. An average living room has a size of up to 393 square feet. If your room is much smaller than this, you shouldn’t be going for a large chandelier as this will not only have more weight but also ruin your ent5 Light Chandelier hampton bay hastings 5-light brushedire room décor.

The size of the chandelier

A light chandelier definitely has a smaller size, not unless it is made from heavy metals. The size of the chandelier you go for should have a direct proportionality with your room size.  Small room will require a smaller chandelier which in turn is lighter.

Material of the chandelier

Chandeliers can be made fro5 Light Chandelier andover mills hayden 5-light shadedm a variety of materials. Most common material used is metal including brass, wrought iron, chrome and bronze. Chandeliers manufactured from wrought iron are usually light in weight. They may also be made from materials such as crystals, timber, alabaster or plastic. These are usually lighter in weight than those made from metals. Depending on your interior décor, choose the chandeliers made from materials that are the lightest.

Sturdiness of the ceiling

A strong ceiling will definitely support a heavy chandelier but the weight that it can support also has a limit. If you are certain that your ceiling is sturdy enough to support the weight of a chandelier you are considering buying, then no problem. A concrete ceiling is the strongest while a cardboard ceiling may vary on the weight it can support.

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