Things you need to know before buying a touch dimmer lamp reading light

Things you need to know before buying a touch dimmer lamp reading light

Right reader light for you largely depends on the fact that where and when are you using it and what are you using it for? Only main criteria should be in mind i.e.

  • Light should have correct color temperature to provide required atmosphere in the house
  • Enough light should be emitted so as to be able to read.

        Your mood and Light color temperature

Have been to Starbucks café? Have you noticed that the lighting condition there is sort of drug. In the former front it is blue light or bright white to have feeling of professionalism, while in the latter front, amber light or warm light is used for form a friendly as well as more of inviting ambience. This is the magic of light color temperatures.

One doesn’t need to be psychologist or an engineer to know the right shade of reading light to be bought. Just knowing the best range of temperatures for purpose of reading is enough.

        The lumen figure and what it says to us –

In whatever task you undertake you need touch dimmer light to be bright so that there is no difficulty in vision and at the same time should not be too bright for the eyes.

The brightness can be understood by the lux figure i.e. per square meter, how many lumens it can emit.

National Optical Astronomy Observatory, suggested that for various task such as knitting, reading, working on computer or writing requires an illumination of 250 – 500 lumen of light / sq. m. light up to 1000 – 2000 lumens per sq. m. is needed detailed works like while doing embroidery or drawings.

Tips for greater impact

It also recommended that the lower the lux is needed in room with surrounding environment that is dark. These will reduce the contrast between darker area and lighted area, so when your eyes move across it doesn’t have to see and adjust dramatically.

Different wattages of different bulbs can be used to form the same light output, you just have to place them accordingly. Touch dimmer lights can be used to have different intensity or temperatures of light in the room.


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