The right light for home.

The right light for home.

The most important design element –light is often the most ignored one. One might use the best of colour schemes, fabric, furniture and other decorations, but the impact is lost if the lighting is not right. Lighting serves a dual purpose- that of illuminating the surrounding and emphasizing the beauty of the other design elements. Every area of the house needs to be rightly lit according to its functional requirement.

Appropriate Use of Light.

Lights should be fitted according to the usage and the décor of the room. Bright lights are more suitable for working environment while soft lights are suitable for relaxation and entertainment. Lights can be blended to make a room appear different. The Light for home is one that matches the colors of the room and the occasion. It is important to use the right light fixtures to emphasize the design of the house. Traditional chandeliers, contemporary pendant, or close-to-ceiling fixtures in the hallway create a welcoming atmosphere. Mirrors with lights around them can add a touch of welcome sparkle to the décor.

Types of Lighting

To get the right lighting scheme for the house three kinds of lighting as used based on the functionality of the space to be lit. These need to be properly positioned to get the best results. Task lights, like table lamps, are best suited for working spaces. Accent lights or spot lights are meant for highlighting artifacts, murals and other design elements. The ambient lights cast a soft glow on the entire area. They enhance the room’s ambiance, dramatize wall textures, accentuate artwork and also provide general illumination. Recessed lighting or track lighting, add a magical touch to the area. Layered lighting schemes can be achieved using a combination of the different fixtures.

Creating a Focal Point with Lighting.

In the dining area the table and the dining chairs are prominent elements and require only the emphasis of the focal point which is the light fixture Chandeliers and pendant lights draw attention to the focal point of the room. These can be chosen to reflect the home owner’s personal style. Extra light fixtures can be used to get the lighting right.

Exterior Lighting

Using right light fixtures for the exterior is paramount to making a statement that reflects the home owner’s persona. Various techniques like up lighting, down lighting, moonlighting, wall sconces, accent lights, floor lamps etc can be used to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the house as well as create vibrant, colorful drama. Apart from decorative lighting, lighting for security is very essential. Deck lighting and step lighting add security to the house while highlighting its beauty.

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