The blue shade

The blue shade

If Miles Davis could get it right…..why can’t a lamp? Wondering what it’s all about? It’s the blues….. The blues that connects the skies, seas and the melodies alike. You know what they say about Monday blues?? It’s just a blue lamp shade away- the very same lamp shade that brings the breezy coolness of the sea into your room.

Why use a blue lamp shade?

Roses are red, violets are blue and my room looks good with a lamp so blue!!!

The colour blue has brought a sea of change onto the world of fashion and design. This colour has taken on everything from garments, décor, lights, china ware, fashion and décor accessories the world over. The colour blue is associated with coolness, regality, nature and hope. It is the colour of communication. It is one of the primary colours and goes well with most décor elements. Being a fun colour, it is the most sought after colour among the fashion designers, interior decorators, accessory designers etc.

Lamp shades come in many materials. Blue is a colour that lends itself beautifully to almost any material. It looks especially beautiful on glass, parchment, silk and cotton. It also goes well with most design styles. The lighter shades create a breezy and upbeat mood while the deeper shades exude a cozy and intimate ambience.

The blue hues:

There are various shades of blue each more beautiful than the other. The various shades and hues of blue comprising of- turquoise, pastel blue, teal, Egyptian blue, electric blue, navy, Prussian blue, Viridian, and many more, are each more alluring than the other.

Connection with nature:

Blue has a calming effect. It is perceived as deep, strong and regal or light, breezy and pleasant. It is a very popular color. Being the color of the sky and the sea it is associated with nature. Its soothing effect helps you to sleep well. It’s a lovely colour for the bedrooms either on wall or for the accessories.   Blue instills a sense of importance and confidence and is hence used extensively in official paraphernalia. It is associated with intelligence, stability, unity and concentration. Surveys in the US and Europe have shown that it is the most popular colour among men and women alike. More than anything else, it is the most fashionable colour….so why wait?  Get trendy and fashionable! Go get a blue shade!

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