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A low voltage system which uses conductive tensCable Lighting bruck cable lighting ioned cables in offering infinite varieties of high-tech lighting arrangement is known as cable lighting. Those cables that are hung with ambient, accent or decorative fixtures and run below the ceiling in parallel manner. This will make your cable lighting the best choice when you cannot access an electric source of power from the ceiling because of the vaulted or cathedral ceilings or exposed duCable Lighting shop all cable lightingctwork. The cables can be mounted ceiling to wall, ceiling to ceiling or wall to wall since they are capable of direction changes.


In different cable lighting systems, the amount of cables required is determined by different methods. Typically, the length of the run is multiplied by two (this is done for each cable) and some extra are added for adjustment and turns.

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In cable lighting, the cables should be suspended; the type of mounting, say wall to wall, ceiling to ceiling or ceiling to wall will determine for you the kind and the number of ceiling supports you require. You may need rigid or flexible support and this depends on your design. Extra support may be require for runs which are more than 20 feets or on using heavier fixCable Lighting cable lightstures. If the run is to overcome the major height difference, it should be accounted for when selecting your suspensions. The angles of your cable run can be changed by the use of the re-routers.

Power source

Since cable systems are of low voltage, a step down transformer is required to step down the input voltage to 24 or 12 volts. The transformer remotely installed or surfacCable Lighting 12v cable lights system optionse mounted. The power is delivered from the transformer to the cables through the power feeds. In determining the required wattage from the transformer, sum up the lamps wattage to be connected in the system. Another transformer may be required if the sum of the wattage is above 300 watts at 12 volt or 600 watts at 24 volts.

Source o f light

In cable lighting system, you shouldElegant Cable Lighting how to choose cable lighting put into consideration the wattage amount to work with and what to be illuminated. Cable system is a great solution for ambient, direct or accent lighting. When ceiling cannot accommodate recessed lighting because of beams, track lighting can be used. It enables one to position fixtures close to the ceiling, and keeps the sightlines clear.


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