Small table lamp shades for small tables

Small table lamp shades for small tables

Lamps are a great way to amplify the lighting in a room while adding to the décor and ambience of your home. Buying a small table lamp is always fun but at times it so happens that you just want a new lampshade for your already existent lamp. Lampshades come in an array of colors, shapes and sizes and it often becomes a little stressful to select the right one. Small table lamps can be placed on your bedside tables or on the side tables of your living room. Small table lamps are sometimes used to highlight a piece of art or some decorative item.

Fittings for Small Lamp Shades

There are various types of fittings but two types of bulb clips commonly used in table lamps. The two bulb clips are the long and slender candle bulb clip and the regular clip that is more rounded in shape. The fittings include the Washer fitter, Chimney fitter, Reflector bowl fitter, Euro fitter and the Slip or Threaded UNO fitter.

Selecting the Right Shape of the Shade for a Small Table Lamp

There are a few general rules while selecting a shade for a table lamp though there are exceptions too. A round lamp with a round bottom should have a round lampshade while a square bottom will look good with a square shade. The same goes with the size, smaller shade for a smaller base and a larger shade for a larger base. In case you are replacing an old lampshade it is best to take the exact measurements of your old shade by checking the length and diameter and then buying a new shade with the same dimensions.

Lamp Shade Patterns

Once you have decided on the size of the lampshade you can select a pattern from the large variety available. In case of a decorative lamp with lots of color, a subtle shade matching with one of the colors of the lamp will give a distinguished look. If the base of the lamp is plain try a shade in a bright color or one with a little ornamentation or a fringe. Vibrant colorful shades on oriental lamps can bring a little color to your room. Art glass shades and Tiffany shades can add a little class and style to your home because of their unique look.  Lampshades can be got in innumerable shapes and sizes in plastic, fabric and glass.

Having small table lampshades is thus an excellent way to provide lighting options and adding color to your home. A new lampshade can get new life into your lamp and in your room too.

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