Right choice of design lighting

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Lighting design is the process by which a methoConcept Design Lighting pendant light by tom dixon, dology is created to apply light to an interior or exterior space. It is the light that allows us to perceive the spaces, it is the one that influences the architectural perception: Extends and accentuates places, establishes links and delimits areas and zones. Even light can cause different visual experiences and produce states of mind.

Lighting is designed for people, the user and their nCreative Design Lighting the new old light byeeds must be kept in mind, as well as the architecture, surfaces, materials and textures of the space to be illuminated.

Where to begin.

For design lighting both natural and artificial light must be considered. An important concept in this area is the use of natural light, an increasingly important element in construction projects, whether commercial or residential, and joininDesign Lighting best 25+ home lighting design ideasg a very current trend: energy efficiency.

A starting point for design lighting is to know how much light is needed in certain spaces, which are often regulated by laws. It is not the same lighting a living room in the house, or the lighting of a corridor or stairway for public use. Even inside a house, it is not the same, the necessary lighting in a bedroom, as needed on the kitchen work tDesign Lighting precious design lighting collection by terzaniable, or in the reading room.

Types of lighting to consider in a design.

To achieve a good design different types of lighting are used: general, focused, ambient or decorative.

The general illumination is the one that is in all the surroundings, is the one that leaves us to perceive the space and to be able to move in him.

Focused lighting

FocusedStylish Design Lighting designlighting lighting, as its name implies, is the one that helps us to focus and hierarchize some element in the architecture or some specific object, generating a contrast with the other illumination showing details that can not be seen with the naked eye.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting plays a leading role in the decoration. The good balance between the type and amount of light thaDesign Lighting natural and contemporary residential and commercialt a space receives allows to transform the way in which it is perceived, enhance or mitigate decorative effects and even intensify the value of furniture and objects.

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