Repair your gooseneck desk lamp yourself

Gooseneck Desk Lamp adjustable gooseneck desk table lamp pelifsk

A variety of solutions to repair Gooseneck DeskGooseneck Desk Lamp gooseneck desk lamp - room Lamp is present that may work for your problem. Just do remember at times replacing the lamp is only option.

Start with basic –

Most simple repair is changing the bulb of your gooseneck desk lamp. You might it is obvious but sometimes we just overlook the solution. Replace the bulb first if lamp isn’t lighting. Unique size and shape is required at times in gooseneck lamps.Gooseneck Desk Lamp realspace gooseneck desk lamp 15 So while purchasing carry your old one to the store. Remember these specialty bulb cost around 3 – 5 $.

Lamp clamp repair

Lamp clamps are of different type like the spring loaded or a twisted one. At times clamp may break or lose their spring, making it no longer useable even if electrical parts are completely fine. In such a case a simple stand can be made out of scrap wood, pGooseneck Desk Lamp satin nickel gooseneck desk lamprime and a complementary paint. Make holes in the wood using a large drill for the cord so that it can extend out of the base. It would be good if you could remove the base without damaging the wiring. Just remember to leave small portion of the lamp clamp behind so that the wood has some grip to hold onto the lamp.

Check for wiring

Functioning of gooseneck desk lamp can be starteGooseneck Desk Lamp tensor® adjustable gooseneck cfl deskd again by repairing the light socket, cord, or the plug. In case the cord has a cut or is frayed from any point, it can lead to poor connections. To start with its repair open the base of the lamp and leaving several inches away from the edges cut the wire. Now separating the wire strip the old wire end to about ½ inch. Repeat the same with new cord as well. Now twist the ends both new and old wNew Gooseneck Desk Lamp kenroy home callahan 1-lightire and with help of electric tape secure them well. Use of electrical nuts can also be done. Carefully tuck the new wiring in the base and replace the base. If the problem is with plug in a similar fashion as in- broken, cracked or bent, repeat the same process.

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