Reasons to choose modern pendant lighting

Reasons to choose modern pendant lighting

A pendant light, also called a suspender or a drop, is a lone light fixture that is very popular nowadays. It is hung from the ceiling, usually suspended by means of a chain, metal rod or a cord. Sleek modern pendant lights give the finishing touch to an otherwise complete home or any other living space.

Advantages of modern pendant lights

The characteristic features of modern pendant lighting is its variety. They are available in small or large size, round, square or triangular shape, and they can be minimalist or ornate. Since it is not as expensive or bulky as chandeliers, and is also great for task lighting, pendant light fixtures are very popular with home builders. Modern pendant lights are also great space-saving options, preferred over table lamps and floor lamps. They define focal points in any space.

Different uses

Modern pendant lighting is mostly used for task lighting. This means that when you want bright light on a particular area where you are working on, like a kitchen stove for example, pendant lights come in handy. They are very functional, but are aesthetically pleasing also, because of the neat, contemporary designs.

However, it is not only task lighting that modern pendant lights are good for. In a dining room or in the entryway of a house, a large and ornate pendant light fixture can make the perfect design statement, as well as define the ambience.

Factors to consider

There are some factors that you should take into consideration while buying pendant lights. First is of course the reason for buying a pendant light. Pendant lights are usually small, and used in sets. An odd number of pendant lights like in 3’s or 5’s is preferred to an even light arrangement. A common rule of thumb is to have 60 to 75 watt equivalent lights for every 20 inches of counter or table space. It is poor choice to have pendant lights obstructing one’s view, either sitting or standing. . Therefore, modern pendant lights are usually placed 28 to 38 inches above a table or counter top, or about 72 inches from the floor.

Material used

Modern pendant lights are mostly made of glass, plastic, cloth or metal. In areas like the bathroom or the kitchen, clear glass is a good option, since it diffuses light effectively in all directions. Equally effective is metal, like brushed nickel or polished chrome. Pendant lights that are shaped like drums can collect dust easily. Plastic is a cost-effective option, but the colour may fade over time.


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