Questions you need to ask yourself before opting for track lights

Questions you need to ask yourself before opting for track lights

Many a times we are faced with a situation where we don’t really find the existing lighting system in our house up to the mark. Be it because of insufficient lighting, leading to a blurred image, or because of the wrong lighting installed. If any of the latter mentioned situations have haunted you, then it is time to rethink about your lighting system. And what better way to remodel your house than to use track lights.

As the name itself suggests, track lights are used to highlight or accentuate a certain track of a particular area in your house. As such tracks form the core and basic element of track lights. These tracks go into actual electrical connections inside your ceiling for wiring purposes. A particular track can then have a fixed amount of fixtures placed at a certain distance apart and will emit light.

Track lights, hence are very easy to install while you are remodeling your house. This is so because the electrical connections needed for track lights are already present.

Certain questions should be answered before you decide to go for them.

Where and why should track lights be used?

The why says that for obvious reasons the current lighting in your room is insufficient and you are in desperate need of a new source of light? This is where you should go for track lights. The where denotes places where the track lights should be ideally installed? Like for highlighting a certain artwork, or for your kitchen cabinetry, inside the drawers.

Types of bulbs that go with track lights.

As obvious from the usage of these lights, they require a lot of bulbs. Such a huge amount of bulb usage then creates a need for energy efficiency. You can explore a lot of energy efficient bulbs life CFL’s and LED’s which are readily available. You can also opt for halogen lamps which save a lot of energy.

When not to use track lights?

Before you use them remember that track lights are not a substitute for the general lighting in your house, they can only be used as an additional lighting source.

Track lights are generally used on ceilings, hence they are not suitable for homes which have a low ceiling. You don’t want to end up bumping into any one of them.

For a traditional looking home, don’t opt for track lights, as they are pretty modern in their outlook and might look mismatched.


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