Proper ways to clean your stained glass lamp

Proper ways to clean your stained glass lamp

Stained Glass Lamp

Beauty and homey feel can be brought to any room using stained glass lamps. It is troublesome to remove the dirt and oil accumulated in the glass lamp placed above the dining table.

The way of cleaning the glass lamp shades can either work or leave disastrous effect on it. You can either have satisfying feeling after cleaning it successfully or wake up to horrifyingly detached pieces of stains.

What should not be used? –

  • Washing the stained glass lamps with warm water and mild soap should not be done.
  • Use of cotton cloth to rubber off spots should be avoided.
  • Even use of soapy cloth followed by wet cloth to rinse off the soap and lastly to dry it should be avoided.
  • It’s a thumb rule that wet conditions are not meant for furniture. Stained glass lamps cannot be rinsed off like kitchen ware even Though they are impervious to water.
  • Also remember glass shade don’t just have glass but metal in them as well. If these metal settings get ruined up pieces of glass will start to fall off. So be careful.
  • Ladies have often seen to use vinegar, ammonia or acidic liquid to clean and get polished look on glass. Well it might work on plain glass tables but not with stained glass shades.

What can be used? –

  • Stained glasses, art glasses, or jadestones can be cleaned with lemon oil based furniture polish or cleansing wax. Preservation of the gleam of the stone and the stains in the glass shade are done efficiently. Also lemon protects the metal from getting rusted. Lemon is one of most ancient hack to remove grease or grime from the fabric.
  • Glass cleaner free of ammonia and alcohol should be used for transparent and beveled glass lamp shades.
  • Microfiber soft cloth should be used to keep the pristine look of the stained glass lamps.
  • Apply spray directly on the cloth and not on the shade and wipe it off on the shade in circular motions.


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