Proper use of a table lamp shades

Proper use of a table lamp shades

Table lamp shade is always seen as a decorative item in the house. I agree too that it is indeed decorative. But to be more precise, table lamp shade is more than decorative. It serves to diffuse light in the house and the entire room. The bulb releases light rays that are randomly scattered in the house. The table lamp shade ensures effective redirection of that particular light ray to achieve maximum illumination in the room. It is important to note that lamp shade can reduce or improve the décor in the room depending on how it has been used. It therefore important to understand how lamp shade should be used and also how it should be selected. Apart from table lamp shade, there are other lamp shades that are equally important to your room décor. You will find a shade for your wall or for ceiling lights. This article explain some of the important ideas to considered in order to achieve a beautiful and decorative result from the use of table lamp shades.

Choosing a lamp shade

While choosing a lamp shade it is always important to remember the general house appearance. They come in different shapes and colors. Experts do explain that a good looking lamp shade is the one which does not interfere with the décor in the room. Matching it with the rest of the décor is very important. While putting a shade on the table lamp, chances normally are that it will match with other items in the room or will stand out differently to contrast the room décor. It is not a pretty look if it stands out to contrast the beautiful appearance established in the surrounding. It should serve to add value

Always make sure that the shade matches the lamp

There are things to consider before adding a lampshade in the room. Consider the room décor. Apart from that, think of the size of the table lamp. If you have a large table lamp then you will need a large table lamp shades too.

Never ignore the color of the lamp shade. It is equally important to consider. For example if you want more light you will go for light colored. If you don’t need a bright light i.e. a subtle and diffuse environment, consider taking a dark colored shade.

For the lamp to appear more decorative, consider the clothed ones. They are stunning and easy to handle. Lucky enough they are found everywhere in the market and comes in different colors and designs.


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