Pewter chandelier – get to know their styles

Pewter chandelier – get to know their styles

The chandeliers form the core for the interior decorators when it comes to decorating or renovating the houses. Among the chandeliers, Pewter Chandeliers, are unique in their own way due to their availability in a wide range from modest to grandeur. Pewter chandeliers are chandeliers which have a series of lights connected in a particular shape. To put it simply, the chandelier which does not include crystal in it are typically Pewter chandeliers. This type of chandelier comes in different styles and shapes. What makes them special is that even the biggest one of them is able to maintain their modesty and yet be grandeur. They could never get extravagant for a place.

Let us look at the different styles of Pewter Chandeliers.

Tiered Chandelier

This type of Pewter chandeliers literally stand for their name, tiers. They have two or three tiers of lights. All the lights have the same form factor. They are less on the top and more on the bottom. They are generally connected through plain metal rather than crafted ones, as the tier of lights themselves provide enough artistry. One must note to consider the height of this chandelier before buying them. They are best suited for big halls which accommodate more than 25 people. For normal living rooms, these would be more of a hindrance due to the fact that they drop down quite low from the ceiling.

Drum Chandelier

This type of Pewter Chandelier is unique in its shape that it forms around the lights in the chandelier or the chandelier itself, hence the name. Drum chandeliers are known to give out a warm and bright outlook to the rooms, as the lights here are mostly surrounded with good light dissipaters. Due to their appearance they are also known as pendant chandeliers. The important factor here is the size of the room, they are quite common in small to mid-size rooms. One should also note the how low these chandeliers drop from the ceiling.

Rustic Chandelier

This type of Pewter chandeliers are most commonly found in vintage houses. They are generally made of wood and may or may not be crafted depending on the price of the chandelier. They complement the wooden houses well, where most of the furniture is also made of wood.

Contemporary Chandelier

This type Pewter chandelier adds a lot of excitement to a house. Anyone who is a fan of the cotemporary designs would love to have one of these in their houses, but again this should complement with the other things in the house. This type of chandelier usually does not have a uniform size, but are more random with different kinds of shapes designed in a sleek manner. This gives a very modern outlook to the houses they are fit into.


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