Outside lights – factors to consider

Outside lights – factors to consider

Having lights installed outside creates not just a great curb appeal but also offers security to your property. There are a number of things to look into when considering outdoor lights, which should all reflect on functionality as well as style. It is actually not that difficult to achieve both, as we shall see in this article.

Variety of Lighting Required

You will do well to consider having a variety of light mounts for your outside lighting. You should thus mix a high mounted light to offer the security need of your property, as well as the lower or smaller mounted lights to illuminate walk ways as well as entryways into your home. In doing this, you will also consider the amount of wattage that is best suited for these two types of mounts.


Outside light fixtures are also susceptible to the outside elements. You should thus consider buying light fixtures that are durable and can withstand elements such as heat and moisture. You can ask the suppliers of outdoor light fixtures for best installation places for the light fixture or determine this by looking at your landscape design.

Activation Options

Here you consider whether the outside lights will be activated, or switched on by either a manual or automated method. You may find it tasking for you to have to manually switch the outside lights and opt for the automated method. You should however first consider the pros and cons of each method. You can also opt to use the timed security light method where the lights go on or off at the set time.


You will need to consider just how the wiring will be done to ensure the safety of both you and your family. Loose hanging wires can be very dangerous, as not only can they trip someone over but in case they get broken they can cause electrical shock to someone who mishandles them with water. Thus, before buying the outside light fixture, look at how the installation is implemented.

Care for the Outside Light Fixture

Just as you would care for indoor light fixtures, outdoor light fixtures will also need care. It will thus be good of you to check any care specifications given and stick to them. Also check how you should replace light bulbs that stop working as well as the periods between cleaning and performing maintenance.



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