Outdoor security lights and why they are vital for your home?

Outdoor security lights and why they are vital for your home?

Security lights are criminal activities prevention lights and discourages crimes to take place on the property as lights help them be detected and being caught. Majority of the crimes happen in darkness as it can be easily concealed and hidden even from security cameras which do not support night vision. Hence outdoor security lights should be installed to prevent people from being encouraged to commit crimes or trespass into another property. Various outdoor security lights are available in the market and should be mounted high on the walls to prevent vandalism and should be covered with a mesh outing.

Built in camera

Security lights are available with security cameras to be installed outdoors. They are installed on high walls and are out of reach, also enabling the camera to cover all corners and blind spots. The light from security lights also enables the camera to have better vision. The brightness should be set such that it doesn’t cause any glares and hinders the capturing ability of the lights. Its multipurpose nature helps better designs and installations and also keeps the security accessories to a minimum.

Why is it necessary?

Crimes have been studied to be reduced when lights are installed outdoors. Majority robberies occur in the night as the darkness camouflages motion and activity and helps the criminal to do its job better when the entire household is asleep. The lights discourage the criminals to try and trespass as they fear getting caught. However the lights shouldn’t be too bright that it disables the owner to see anything properly and helps the crime. It is essential to set up lights in a way it is not reachable and not to bright to be improperly used.

Motion detection lights

The best types of outdoor security lights are motion detection, which turn on when any movement or motion is detected. They are installed with motion detection sensors, enabling them when any activity is detected. The biggest advantage of this type of outdoor security light is blindsiding the criminal as they won’t be expecting it and also helps save energy. Security lights otherwise are on all night and end up being inefficient, hence motion detection lights are the best and safest bet.


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