Origin and types of art deco lamps

Origin and types of art deco lamps

Art deco lamps are multi-purpose light fixtures that are artwork, decorative and functional, all at the same time. Few fixtures in a home or any other space make a statement about the owner of the house like art deco lamps.


Art deco lamps follow the style of the Art Deco movement in art and design before World War 1 in France. The Art Deco style had its heyday in the 1920’s, 1930’, and the 1940’s. After World War II its popularity diminished. This style embraced vibrant colours, elaborate ornamentation, and bold and symmetrical geometrical designs. Technically it was a fusion between traditional art and the new age machine technology.

Art deco lamps in the modern era

Art deco lamps remain in demand even in the 21st century due to their enduring aesthetic appeal and timeless elegance. Art deco lamps available today are both antique lamps from the early 20th century, as well as modern equivalents of them. These lamps use soft and warm colours, to balance light and shadow, and to highlight the art in them, which is mainly animal or stylised human motifs.

Art deco ceiling lamps

Art deco ceiling fixtures that are streamlined and bright-coloured, are used in classically inclined interiors nowadays. These eye-catching light fixtures are made in chrome, copper, nickel wood, alabaster, marble, bronze or glass. However, even in living spaces that are designed in a modern, contemporary style, art deco lamps that are innovative and futuristic are used. Some are functional enough to be used in the bathroom.

Art deco table and floor lamps

Art deco table and floor lamps tend to be more stylised and artistically appealing than the ceiling fixtures. Both art deco table and floor lamps have bases that are strong, and have tiered symmetrical designs. Another feature of these lamp fixtures is the sculpture that are usually found on them. They are usually nudes or other human or animal motifs, but there is always an emphasis on geometrical patterns. The sculptures are usually made from marble or alabaster. There are also engravings on most art deco table and floor lamps.

Art deco sconces

Another type of art deco lamp is the sconces that are lamps attached to the walls. Since art deco lamps are sometimes heavy, an important consideration is whether the wall is strong enough to support the weight of the sconce light. If the right kind is installed, it give an ambient light very different from that of the ceiling art deco lamp and the table/floor art deco lamp.


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