New ideas for house lights

New ideas for house lights

Lights are the source of making a home bright. A dark house with very inadequate lighting system never appeals anyone. No matter however lavishly the house has been decorated but if the lighting arrangements are not enough, the whole décor of the house go in vein.

House lights play a pivotal role in highlighting every room of a house. For the places like kitchen or the drawing room if there is no proper lighting arrangement then it effects the mood and overall the interior of that place. Following are the tips that will give us a knowhow of the proper lighting arrangements for a house.


Natural light is considered as the best source and kind of light to brighten up a house. But for the places in home where the sunlight cannot reach and especially for the night times proper house lights are required. Lighting is the interior designing tool that can make or break the interior designing scheme of any house. Without prior house lights the furniture value will also cast down to nil. The luxurious furniture will also leave no impressive impact on the moods of the home members.


For each type of room or place in a house the lighting arrangement should be different according to the requirements of that place. For instance for a laundry or a store room the best option of lighting is a shine free compact fluorescent light.

In the same way a study rooms the place where a reader needs sufficient light to concentrate on his books, so task lighting is suggested to be the best for this purpose. Mostly table lamps and spot lights are considered the best option for a study room light.

The house lights for a kitchen, living room or any other open space require several lighting circuits as well as LED spot lights. The high voltage lamp light and LEDs will create feeling of brightness and will enhance the texture of the furniture kept in that place.


There are three different types of lights that create an individual effect on the place and décor of the room. These three type of house lights are,

  • Main voltage lights
  • LED
  • Low voltage lights

It is suggested that the foundation light for any room called the general or ambient light act as the main lighting source upon which the other layers of lighting are built.

Task lights are used to perform a specific function like reading books or to concentrate on any other activity.

Accent lights are the decorative house lights which are used to enhance the beauty of certain architectural details, these are the conceal lights, that give a bling to the room finishes.


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