Modern floor lamp – uses and components

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Modern floor lamps come in a wide variety, inclBlack Modern Floor Lamp raku floor lamp, black uding minimalist designs. In the modern times, floor lamps come in every imaginable design, and are very practical for a variety of uses.

Guidelines for using floor lamps

Different rooms need different styles of floor lamps. In the living rooms, a modern floor lamp that channels light upward (called torchiere style) is best, as it subtly lights up the area. Place these lamps iAttractive Black Modern Floor Lamp adesso home lightingn dark corners. They should not be placed in areas where people walk about much. In an office or any other space that need focused and task lighting, floor lamps with movable arms can be used. While buying such lamps, make sure that the main body and the arms are adjustable upwards and downwards, so that they are at the right height and the perfect angle for your use.

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A modern floor lamp is an ideal choice for apartments, since no drilling into walls or ceilings is required in their installation. Moreover, if you move house, it is easy to take the floor lamp with you, unlike hanging lamps. Also, they don’t take up any space on a side table or study desk.

Components of a modern floor lamp

The base is an important componenBlack Modern Floor Lamp kane floor lamp, mattet of the floor lamp since it provide stability to the lamp. A floor lamp that has a heavy and wide base will be more stable than one that has a light and small base. Some modern floor lamps have light, thin bases. It is better to think twice before buying such lamps.  The neck is the portion of the floor lamp that has a plastic or metal tube that runs up, carrying the electrical wiring connected Black Modern Floor Lamp adesso director collection blackto the bulb. Some necks are curved, while others are straight. On some floor lamps, there is more than one arm, that lets the user alter the position of the lights according to the need. The shade of the floor lamp is another component that is necessary, since most people do not desire to have very bright light. There are shades in Tiffany style (stained-glass), and fabric shades that come in diffBlack Modern Floor Lamp bolton modern arc floorerent colours and prints. The choice of shade depends on the amount of light that you desire from the light. The darker the shade the less less light will be let out. Other than these essential features, many modern floor lamps have accessories such as round table tops attached to the neck and pull switches.


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