Modern bathroom lighting ideas and tips

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Modern bathrooms can be well illuminated using Modern Sconce Lighting outdoor wall sconces modern lighting fixtures that conform to the modern décor theme, with sleek straight lines and plenty of polish. Here are a few ideas to help you with any project that requires modern bathroom lighting.


Sconces are a staple when it comes modern lighting. They hang elegantly on walls and come in different designs. Sconces are best used in modern bathrooms for task lighBest Modern Sconce Lighting acuo led wall sconceting, where the vanity mirror is illuminated for grooming. The best sconce design to use here is the transparent sconce that comes with two light bulbs for maximum illumination.

Bath Bars

These light fixtures are bar shaped and can hold up to 5 light bulbs. These can be used just as sconces are used, though they are best suited for the shower and tub area.

Recessed LModern Sconce Lighting sconces with switchesights

Another great addition in modern home décor, recessed lights are lighting fixtures that are installed into the ceiling of a house. One recessed light cannot offer enough lighting for the whole room, thus multiple recessed lights should be considered if this is your choice in bathroom lighting. These are ideal for lighting your whole bathroom as opposed to accent lighting.

Design Ideas Modern Sconce Lighting 10w led modernCeiling Lights

These are quite common in many homes, not just in those that adapt the modern home décor theme. Ceiling lights used in modern bathroom lighting include the pendants, chandeliers, and flush mounts that come in different shapes and sizes. Of the three, the pendant finds most use in ceiling lighting for modern home decors. It is used just like recessed lights, with multiModern Sconce Lighting claxy ecopower lighting modern metalple pedants hanging from the ceiling at strategic places. The chandelier is also a great addition to lighting in modern bathrooms, though it is best suited for the bathtub area. Flush mounts are great for small bathrooms.

Choosing the Right Modern Bathroom Lighting

Not all of the above light fixtures will suit any modern décor for bathrooms. Even though the rules followed in modern Modern Sconce Lighting carswell 1-light wall sconcedécor are the same, no two modern decorated houses look the same. Color is one thing that sets the two apart. The colors that you choose for your light fixtures, especially the finishing, should thus be consistent with your bathroom’s modern décor color theme. Another thing to consider is the placement or arrangement of your bathroom. Large bathrooms do well with recessed lights while smaller bathrooms work well with smaller bathroom light fixtures such as the flush mount and not the chandelier.


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