Mirrors and bathroom wall lights for small bathrooms

Some tricks. Mirrors.

When the bathroom is small, you should use several tricks to make it look wider. The first, as always, is to paint bathroom wall lights colors on the walls, the second is to place mirrors in strategic places, in addition to the classic on the wall beside the sink. A mirror can be placed on the lateral wall to the previous one, forming an angle of ninety degrees that helps to give depth. Another way is to place a mirror on the door of the shower or bath area, these are usually large enough to give that sense of amplitude sought.

High shelves on the walls.

Another important trick to follow is to make them useful to the high areas of the walls by placing shelves or cabinets to store or store the most used objects or belongings in the bathroom. Likewise, the wall can be used on top of the pool, where shelves can be placed to store bath towels.

The lighting.

An element that goes hand in hand with the paint with light colors of the walls in spaces or small rooms, in this case the bathroom, is to use the appropriate bathroom wall lights, creating more clarity.

Of course, the first thing in terms of lighting is to try to get in the natural light, either with windows specially made with glass that do not allow it to be clearly seen inwards, but that do not limit the entrance of light, or with the use of skylights.

If we cannot allow the entrance of natural light, then we must use artificial light. The usual thing is to use white LED lights. We can opt for a large light spot located on the ceiling with a ceiling or a downlight focus, or by distributing small halogens. If this is not possible, then we must play with the side wall lamps, always with white light, halogen or LED, to obtain better lighting quality.

The effect of this lighting with strategically placed mirrors, and light colored walls, will give a feeling of greater breadth and depth to a small bathroom.

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