Lights and chandeliers – latest value for money trends

Lights and chandeliers – latest value for money trends

One of major attractions in a house are the lightings used in the houses. Lights and chandeliers provide the extra zing to the house in terms of beauty that the interior decorators generally yearn for. Chandeliers form the core of the house in terms of dissipating light and depending on the size of the room and the lights used could light up every corner of the house.

The challenging aspect of this combination of lights and chandeliers is to find them at a good deal. Usually the chandeliers, end up being the expensive part for an initial investment. But at the same when used with incandescent lamps, could end up in a heavy expense for long term, as incandescent lamps end up consuming more power. One needs to strike a balance and find the perfect combo here to be able to enjoy the grandeur of the chandeliers at a cheaper rate and also not worry about the long term electricity bill.

Here few ideas will be discussed, where one could strike this balance.

Glass chandeliers

The most common form of glass chandeliers are the crystal chandeliers. However, it does not mean that one has to buy one of them. There are many look alike models of glass chandeliers, which are made with beautifully cut glasses, porcelains and even high grade plastics, which almost look similar to the crystal chandeliers. They cost almost 75% less than those of the crystal chandeliers and compromise little in terms of beauty.

Drum Chandeliers

The use of drum chandeliers is becoming more common. These chandeliers, among the lights and chandeliers trends, are latest as their drum design is considered to be futuristic. They come in various forms like the tiered drum chandeliers or circular form. This type of chandeliers are relatively inexpensive, costing between $50 and $100. There are the expensive ones too, however, one can find value for money trends in this section easily.

Metallic Chandeliers

Buying metallic chandeliers over other materials brings down the cost. The metallic chandeliers are inexpensive compared to the glass chandeliers and are comparable to the drum chandeliers. Such chandeliers give a modern sleek appearance to the surrounding.

LED Lighting

The use of led light completes the set up for value for money deals in lights and chandeliers. LED lights are known for remarkably low power consumption which means low electricity bill. At the same time they are quite long lasting compared to the incandescent of fluorescent lamps. They cost relatively higher than typical lamps, but if one sees the long term, they are a cheaper option.  

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