Lighting with layers with touch lamp sensor

Lighting with layers with touch lamp sensor

Three basic type of light i.e. ambient, task and accent light should be considered while planning to develop any light fixtures for home. According to style and function, the best lighting plan can be made using all three types.

  • Ambient lighting –

General lights or ambient lights give the overall illumination in the room. This provide enough light to view without glare and allows to walk and see safely, while radiating brightness which is comfortable to all.

Fundamental to a good lighting plan is having a central source of ambient light in the room. Fixtures such as chandeliers, wall mounted fixtures, ceiling fans with light kits, and track or recessed light are the type of light fixtures which provide ample illumination for the room.

  • Task Lighting –

It is very similar to what it sounds. These are added in to helps us undertake various tasks like grooming, reading, cooking, working on a hobby, doing homework, etc. lightning fixtures such as track lights, recessed lights, pendants, portable floor and desk lamp as well as under cabinet light can be used to provide task light. Touch lamp sensor work best for these task lighting.

To prevent eye strain task light should be devoid of shadows and distracting glares and also should be bright enough. It is advised to have task light with dimmer as in touch lamp sensors, so for a specific need you can easily adjust the light levels.

  • Accent Lighting –

Drama and style is created by using accent lighting to have a visual interest in the room. It used to attract attentions of eyes towards sculptures, paintings, houseplant or any unique and priced possessions. These lights are essential part of interior lighting scheme. An outdoor landscaping, window treatment or textured stone wall can also be highlight with the use of accent lightings.

Accent lightings should always be brighter than the general or ambient light around it, to be most effective. Also it should be placed strategically to get the desired features highlighted.

While adding lights as per the above lighting pattern, do remember that lights should match with other décor of the house such as wall papers or wall colors.


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