Light up the entryway with foyer chandelier

Light up the entryway with foyer chandelier

Chandeliers are beautiful sources of light. They are elegant and can create a wonderful ambience for special occasions and even in everyday life. Like all other lamps, chandeliers too comes with shades. These type of chandeliers are also very easy to assemble at home. There are many types of chandelier lamp shades which portrays different moods and can create very different atmosphere. For example – there are candle chandeliers that is best for romance, sturdy chandeliers that are made of iron, crystal chandeliers that are simply drop-dead gorgeous suitable for any mood, and large chandeliers for enormous rooms. The first chandelier was originally wood put together as a cross that held candles. Owning chandeliers was considered as a sign of wealth a century back


In Mansions, auditoriums and other types of halls, what’s adjacent to the main door is a small area that welcome us. This area is called the foyer in most cases and this place is usually well decorated and well lit. The furnishing and other aspects are taken care of very carefully. There are special chandeliers that are made specific for this area and it is called the Foyer Chandelier. As the entry room is small, there might not be enough space for enough lamps or other lighting equipment’s, so a pedant or chandelier hanging from the top is the best choice. Foyer Chandelier is the right way to lit up the entryway and it casts a warm glow. Make sure that you buy the Foyer Chandelier with the design that matches the furnishing of the Entryway. You can also add small lamps and other types of decorative items like candle holders that can be attached to the wall so that none of it takes too much of space. By using multiple mirrors on the walls, we will be able to reflect the lights from all the lamps and chandeliers and it will make a mesmerizing appearance overall, it will also make the room appear bigger. Foyer chandeliers can also be used in the hollow space made by the stair case that goes all through the way to the top. Make sure that the chandelier doesn’t come any further down after the first floor partition.

Keep in Mind

It is also important to consider the length and breadth of the room. Make sure it doesn’t seem very big, always maintain a suitable ratio. For a safe height, the chandelier must always be hung above 7 feet from the ground level. The chandelier must never be lower than 7 feet.


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