Large table lamp shades – the design accessory

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Table lamps are the most practical utilitarian Attractive Large Table Lamp Base courtney ceramic table light fixtures which provide light to work spaces. This utilitarian feature had become the most sought after decorative accessory. They can be used anywhere- in offices or residence and yet will not seem out of place. They are very useful while performing tasks like reading or writing.  As a decorative accessory, they work very well with all décor schemes. They can add a splash of colour or aestLarge Table Lamp Base large ceramic turquoise metallichetically mute extra vibrant colours. Since table lamps extremely versatile, the available options are endless — one would be spoilt for choice.

How to Use Table Lamps?

Large table lamp shades work well with any space. They are generally used as bedside accessories in bed rooms, side table fixtures or corner decorative accessories in living rooms and offices. They are more oLarge Table Lamp Base large antique style oilften than not, used as supplemental lighting. They can also be placed in hallways, stairwells and near doorways or wherever extra light or ornamentation is needed.

Lamp Shade Styles

The style of the large table lamp shades depends on the style of the lamp. The lamp shade can be chosen on the basis of the shape and style of the lamp. Many a time the lamp shade becomes the focaStunning Large Table Lamp Base rope table lampl point of the room. At times it will have to be understated and at other times it will have to be very flamboyant- all aimed at making a strong style statement.

Since the lampshades can be very dramatic and divergent, it is important to understand its function and decide upon its placement. Lamp shades must complement the lamp’s shape. Sometimes the contrast also works beautifully as an Large Table Lamp Base large antique style oilaccessory, if chosen well.

The Right Size of the Table Lamp.

The thumb rule while selecting a lamp shade is – taller the lamp, the larger I the lampshade. The lamp shade should be about ¾ the height of the base and directly proportional to the height of the harp. If the shade has a narrow brim, it will cast a direct light but if the shade has wide brim, it will allow thLarge Table Lamp Base courtney ceramic table lampe light to shine on a larger area.

Material of the Lamp Shade

Table lamps are merely accessories. They should complement the existing furniture pieces and overall style. Depending on the décor of the room one can choose from Tiffany lamps and pieces with gold or glass bases or sleek metal or uniquely shaped fixtures which are more trendy and contemporary. For a mismatched look, there are plenty of options available in various materials like bamboo, glass, faux leather, parchment, raw silk, shantung, cotton, string and linen. Large sophisticated shades made with crocheted or knitted or latticed lace make great accessories and add a touch of class and oodles of style to the room.

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