Large chandeliers are a powerful elewment in the interior design of a room

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Earlier Chandeliers were light fixtures that weCreative Large Lampshades the advantages of using large re less functional but more decorative symbolizing wealth and class. A large chandelier is the perfect light arrangement for big rooms with high ceilings. The exotic and rich designs of such chandeliers add an unmatched elegance and grandeur to a room. Brighten any room in the house whether a dining room, living room or the entryway you can get chandelier in crystal, antique brass and bronze.

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Getting the Right Size of Chandelier

Before you go on a buying spree for a chandelier you need to determine the right size for the room. There are certain rules that are applicable before getting a chandelier. Standard ceiling height is that the bottom of the chandelier should be about eight to nine feet above the floor. For the dining room make sure that the chandelier should be Decor Ideas Large Lampshades hanging extra large drumnarrower than the dining table and should be at a distance of about four to five feet from the walls. Landing areas often have high ceilings so this is a place for a tall chandelier. For the bedroom one big chandelier in the middle or several small ones placed at strategic places will work best.

Crystal Chandelier Designs

Chandeliers come in unlimited designs, in fact it becomLarge Lampshades image of: large lamp shades galleryes a very difficult choice as they are all so attractive.  The most popular choice is crystal chandelier. Crystal commands a definitely superior charm and timeless beauty as compared to other types of chandeliers. Large crystals when combined with chrome make gorgeous and stylish chandeliers. The best choice is Swarovski crystals which is definitely more expensive than the ordinary glass crystalsLarge Lampshades black lampshade model for floor table that are more affordable but still look quite good. A chandelier with chrome finish and strands of chains, pendants and crystals provides plenty of illumination and sparkle.

Contemporary Rustic Chandeliers

Contemporary or modern homes lay emphasis on bold designs making them look fashionable and sophisticated. You can go for something that is a combination of modern and classCool Large Lampshades stocked large lamp shadesic with the cutting edge technology. Besides glass and crystal other materials are used for chandeliers are wood, stones and shells that can create a cozy and warm ambience.

Dazzling large chandeliers provide a grandeur and royalty that other light fixtures cannot. These light fixtures are impressive, graceful and grand and will transform your house into a gleaming and sparkling haven where you would love to return after a long day.


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