Lantern pendant lights for a special decoration

Lantern pendant lights for a special decoration

An oriental corner in the interior of the house

Among the most repeated styles of decoration around the world is the oriental style. Many people miss a space with that style at home, and the truth is that it is not difficult or costly to achieve.

You can achieve your little oriental corner, in an intimate hall, placing a not very fluffy and printed carpet, neutral colors, and abundant cushions also stamped, with vivid and intense colors that contrast with those of the carpet. Towards a corner a small square wicker table can be placed, on which, at a height not greater than 20 inches from its top, a spherical lamp hung, covered with cloth or paper stamped with oriental motifs. The luminaire that can be used in this flashlight, preferably is non-intense color LED light, also can use a LED luminaire that allows to vary the colors of the light.

Lantern Pendant Light, outdoor.

Another area susceptible, to use like oriental decoration the lantern pendant lights, are the outside, like for example a terrace or a balcony. For that you can use the garlands. Until a few years ago there were few who dared to use them outside the Christmas season, however, little by little more people have fallen in love with them.

The garlands are very versatile and adapt to any space with a little ingenuity and taste. They are also easy to place and remove, so they can be used as part of a permanent decoration, as for the timely decoration of a special event. In both cases the motifs must be combined with the decoration of the environment and the occasion.

Colors of the luminaires

The most difficult decision is the choice of the colors of the luminaires. For example, if you are looking for a warm and welcoming environment, a garland in beige tones will be perfect; For a more sophisticated and minimalist air, choose one in shades of gray with black; For a romantic look, the range of roses and purples are the best choice; And for a more cheerful and fun touch, you can choose for a garland that has different colors. If you still cannot choose a color, then choose a white garland, which suits everything. After all, you can paint it another color when you get tired.

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