Landscapes and outdoor lamps

Landscapes and outdoor lamps

Just as much as lighting is important inside the house, it’s also important how the area around the house can be lit up at night. If its small, placing lights on the outside walls of the house must be enough, if it’s not there are many other ways to light up the small area. But if it’s large, the need arises to place outdoor lamps and other possible light sources. Unlike the interior lamps, these lamps won’t have shades that can be changed, these are permanent, lamps made up of glass to protect it from various climatic factors like rain.

The Landscape

Outdoor lights are pretty much the part of landscape design itself. While indoor lights are placed in a way it matches the interior furnishing, Outdoor Lamps must be able to showcase the landscape designs at the best possible way at night. Lamps would also be appreciated on top of both of the main pillars on either side of the gate. And if there are sub-pillars at equal distance on the compound wall, it will be visually appealing to place smaller lamps on them compared to the one on the main pillar. The landscape designs will be entirely different from one house to another, which is not the case for the interiors. So placing outdoor lamps will be more difficult. In some houses there would be swimming pool, in which case lamps can be placed all around the pool or if it’s a small pool, its sensible to place it on all the four corners. In other houses there may be a fountain, where the outdoor lamp can be placed in the center structure (if possible) or the same as the pool. There can be many other things like sculptures, outdoor tables and chairs etc., the important thing to keep in mind while placing lamps outdoor is that it should be placed in such an angle that it must be able to illuminate the entire structure.

The Driveway

If the distance between the gate and garage is long, it will be good to light either side of the driveway with outdoor lamps, it will make it easier to find way while driving at night. The same goes for pavements to walk on. If you have enough space around the house, you can always experiment with different kinds of stuff outside like new ways to design the landscape and even better ways to place lamps around them and make it more beautiful at night.


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