Know your table lamps before you buy them

Know your table lamps before you buy them

Although with all the new trends of pendant lamps and floor lamps, table lamps have started to seem a bit like old-school, but for those who are all for that classy look, here’s what you need to know.

There are various kinds of table lamps; Contemporary, Industrial, Transitional, Tiffany, Tropical, Rustic, Traditional, Study lamps and many more.

They are used for different purposes, in different rooms and are designed, keeping their purpose in mind. Therefor, before buying a table lamp have a fair idea as to where you’d want to place it.

Living Rooms

Industrial and Contemporary styles of lamps are usually used in the living rooms, to give the room a modern look and also because they blend well with the recent furniture trends. Traditional lamps can, too, be used in the living rooms provided they fit with the theme.

Transitional lamps are a good style to pick for that console table which has all your memories in frames or your favourite showpiece in the centre. Have a pair of transitional lamps, one on each side of the console table, preferably crystal and matching or contrasting what’s on the table.

Tropical lamps are good for houses with a vibrant theme. They are more playful and keep the environment positive. So, if that’s your thing, go for it!


If you’re looking for a table lamp for your bedroom, you should go for something more rustic or simple. Unless the bedroom has modern interiors, in which case stick to the theme. But id your room is plain and doesn’t have much going on and you wish to add some life to it, a colourful printed lamp with a stand of glass or crystal would be the perfect choice.

Study Table

A study table lamp, however, is recommended to buy with the purpose in mind rather than the design. Sure, if it fulfils the purpose and is fashionable, what better? Halogen Lamps and Full Spectrum Lamps are efficient in terms of lighting, because of their wider surface area.

Children’s Room

If you’re out looking for something for your kids, it is suggested to go mainstream and stick to lava lamps, they are effective, perfect if your child is afraid of the dark and it keeps them busy for a while. Not to forget, they look cute in kids’ rooms.

Make sure to use the right bulbs with the lamps for better lighting and presentation. A lamp with warm shade, emitting cool light and the other way round may sometimes appear shabby.

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