Innovation and creativity with a black arc floor lamp

From ancient times the human being has been characterized by his innovative ideas and creativity, that including of course transcendental objects like the wheel, to more banal articles or objects. Within this range of functional and creative innovations, art and decoration have a preponderant role in the development and identification of different cultures.

This is why we see different trends throughout history in the elements of decoration, for example, in 1962, two Italian architects designed a semicircular floor lamp, supported by a marble foot, which served as a counterweight Of decorative element, inspired by the light posts of the roads.

Lighting in the home.

The different spaces of the home, merit different types of illumination, but in general terms, the same can be divided in general and focused. The first function is to illuminate the whole environment, while the focused ones serve to highlight some elements of the decoration that you want to highlight or in those areas that need more and better lighting, such as the kitchen work table or the areas for study and reading.

To fulfill both functions we have the floor lamps.

The floor lamp.

The light of a foot lamp serves to accompany the moments of reading, to highlight that object that we like or just to be a focus of ambient light. Its shape, allows it to adapt to any place and decoration.

In a bedroom, for example, you can use a cold light foot lamp, which, combined with white walls, will help us to visually expand the space. While one with warm light, it will highlight the brightness of golden or similar tones.

The floor lamps have become sophisticated elements that give elegance and glamor any space of the house. In addition to an exquisite design, they provide a warm light to the home, combining with any room whether it be the bedroom, the living room, the dining room, the hall, etc.

Black Arc Floor Lamp.

This type of interior lighting is quite mixed with the rest of the furniture and serves to give a different touch to the home. In fact, floor lamps are one of the most sought after lighting objects, and will no doubt will continue as a trend.

An exquisite and beautiful piece for an eclectically decorated room is a black arc floor lamp, with a heavy metal base that serves as a counterweight. By placing the base on one side of the sofa, and directing the luminaire towards the coffee table, we will achieve this dual function of ambient light, while enhancing the table decoration elements.

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