Information about lamps for chandelier

Information about lamps for chandelier

Light is the main concern in every household. The light lamp or lampshade can make or break the décor scheme. If used appropriately it can become a work of art in its own right. To address this very need the markets are flooded with innumerable design options for lighting fixtures. The lighting solutions range from wall mounted lamps, sconces, accent lights to pendant lights and chandeliers. Of these the chandeliers are the preferred ones for making an impressive style statement.

Where to Use The Chandeliers

At the outset chandeliers were restricted to the foyer area to create a good first impression. Gradually the chandelier warmed it way into every part of the house and even reached the bathrooms and walk-in closets. It became a necessity in the kitchens and bathrooms. In the living room it graduated from being the centre piece to a show stopping adornment of a designer alcove or corner of the room.

Lamp Styles

With the passing years it also began to get more and more embellished with various lamp styles. The types of lamps used ranged from very simple to exquisitely ornate ones.  The chandeliers add drama and charisma to any room. The designs range from the simple minimalist to the most flamboyant, from traditional to contemporary and sometimes a surprisingly striking mix of styles. Soon enough it became necessary to provide shades in accordance to the lamps.  Using shades the lighting can be designed to be up lighting, down lighting or ambient lighting, to suit the utilitarian purpose alongside the aesthetic purpose.

Generally, chandeliers have shades that direct light upwards and provide ambient lighting since the light gets reflected off the ceiling and diffused in the process to cast a soft ambient glow. Alternately, the chandelier can be made to provide focused illumination onto a specific area by turning the shades downward. Again, the direction of the shade is not the only deciding factor for the quality of light. Features like size, shape, width and opacity make a considerable difference to the quality of light. Depending on the required brightness, one can choose a wide or narrow, large or small, transparent or translucent shade. The shades could be plain, colored, simple or creatively shaped.

Material of the Lamps. 

Lamps for chandeliers come in various materials. The materials used include metals brass, bronze, chrome plated metal, steel, wrought iron etc. They also come in glass beads and expensive crystals like Swarovski crystals. There are nautical chandeliers made of wood, capiz or oyster shell and even wood twig, antler or iron chandeliers.

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