How to style your bedside table with a white bedside lamp?

How to style your bedside table with a white bedside lamp?

The bedside table often loses its lustre under boring alarm clocks, remnants of midnight snacks and under the books you have been planning to read. You can use a couple of tricks to transform the bedside table instantly into an elegant focal point from the design perspective. A white bedside lamp can add a style to the conventional bedside tables. Here is how you can accomplish stylish your bedside table with a white bedside lamp.

Have A Balanced Bedside Table

With a white bedside lamp, you can use objects that are of varying size and height. This will help you create a focal point that is balanced. You can place a white curvy bedside lamp on a boxy bedside table. This will make the setup visually interesting.

Make Use Of Complimenting Colors

When you are planning to decorate your bedside table with a white bedside lamp, make sure you take the color into consideration. You can either have everything in the same color or you can try to coordinate with the bed.

Being In Some Creativity While Using White Table Lamps

A white table lamp makes a very shapely addition to the arrangement for your bedside. You can try having a funky mixture. This can add flair of design to the entire setting. You can try adding your favourite items or fabulous art pieces to lift the feel of your bedroom.

Include Fresh Flowers

Addition of fresh flowers to your bedside along with a white bedside table lamp can work wonders for your room. These don’t just add a colourful spot by your bedside but also impart an organic feel into your bedroom. You can as well try incorporating a house plant or shells.

Use Mismatched Tables

You don’t really need to have matching bedside tables. Make sure the tables have the same kind of finish and are of same height. Consider placing a white bedside table lamp on side and accent the other one with other accessories. You can as well consider having a pair of white bedside lamps. The difference in color has the potential to complement each other in a beautiful manner.

Modern And Sleek Design

While using a white bedside table lamp, consider placing a mirror behind the table. This would cleverly add some extra light into the room.

Use Antique Treasures

When you are looking to add items along with a white bedside lamp, you can consider adding antique items of variable shapes. Use objects that add an organic feel to your room.

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