How to select correct size of lamps for table lamps bedroom lighting

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Bedrooms usually don’t need much ambient lighSilver Table Lamps For Bedroom best 20+ silver t as compared to your living room. However, the lighting will also depend on activities you do in the bedroom. For instance, if you have a computer or sewing machine in place, you may need some task lights. If you like to carry the remaining bit of your office work to bedroom for completion, a bedside table lamp will be essential. As for those who like to read novels before retiring to bed, a bedsSilver Table Lamps For Bedroom ... best silveride table lamp will also come in handy.

All in all, it is evident that a table lamp is a must have for any bedroom since at least one or two activities are done in the bedroom which require lighting. Your table lamps bedroom lighting relates to several things including functionality and decoration. This means that the table and lamp selection process should be done with uttermost care not tCool Silver Table Lamps For Bedroom lighting collectiono ruin the bedroom décor while facilitate functionality.

Here’s a simple guide to selecting lamps for your table lamps bedroom lighting.

Measure eye level distance from table top

Any table lamp selected should never exceed your eye level. This is important for functionality. Sit on your bedside or a chair next to the side table and measure the distance from the tableSilver Table Lamps For Bedroom choosing ... surface to your eye level. This is can be achieved with some little assistance. Have someone else take the measurements using a tape measure while you remain seated. The measured height will be the height of your lamp.

Measure the shade length

To determine the length of the lamp shade, calculate the base length of the table. The shade length should be between 65 and 80 perceBeautiful Silver Table Lamps For Bedroom designer tablent of the table base length. For instance, if the base length measures 16 inches, the shade should be approximately 10 to 15 inches. You may also determine the length of the shade by multiplying its height by a third since the shade length is usually 1/3 of the height of the lamp.

Measure diameter of the shade

The diameter of the lamp shade should be 2 inches less than the basMaster Silver Table Lamps For Bedroom ... beste length. Choose nothing more than this. For example, if your bedside table has a base of 16 inches, the diameter of your lamp shade should be 14 inches or less. The length of the shade is listed from top to bottom and the diameter is the widest part. The width can also be the diameter of the lamp.

Consideration of these factors into selecting the right size of lamp for your table lamps bedroom project will see to it that the size of the lamp creates a perfect match that blends well with your décor.


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