How to reset a lamp touch

How to reset a lamp touch

This article will provide step by step guide to reset a lamp touch –

Step1 –

Finial holding of touch operted lamp should be removed. To access lamp harp even remove the lamp shade. Release the hard saddle by squeezing the harp towards each other.

Step 2 –

From the base of lamp separate its bottom. Connection of buttons at the base can be done by screw or can be pulled from the base in a manner similar to opening of butter container.

Step 3-

Locate the touch lamp’s control box. Four wires will be joined to it. Usually these are in yellow, white, red and black or they are yellow, white, gray and black. This depends on the producer.

Step 4-

The wire that joins to black one coming from the base should wrapped in tape. A new tape’s piece is applied to wire connecting to either red or grey wire.

Step 5 –

Connectors holding lamp wire to touch control should be untwisted. Now pull the wires away from each other gently.

Step 6 –

The nipple is connected to the ring terminal by help of a locknut. Counterclockwise turning of locknut will help to separate the nipple from it. Use pliers if needed. Throw the old box by slide it off the nipple.

Step 7-

Now attach the ring terminal to replaced touch control by sliding it over. Using the locknut, secure the nipple and ring terminal, like how you removed it.

Step 8-

Remove the tape from the black wire previously attached to it, after holding the lamp wire and the black wire together with a twisted wire.

Step 9-

Connect the taped lamp wire to the gray or red wire from the touch-control box that contacts the body of the touch lamp through threads. To hold them together, on these wire twist and turn another wire connectors and now discard the previously applied tape.

Step 10-

Twist two remaining lamp wires onto the remaining wire connector to hold them together.


Again join the base and bottom of the touch lamp. Squeezing the harp’s sides together add them in the saddle of harp. Replace the finial and cover it with the shade.


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