How to pick the right tall table lamps?

How to pick the right tall table lamps?

There are a plethora of options when it comes to picking the right lighting. Lamps are after all essential functional accessories. Lamp style is extremely crucial while designing any room in the house. Lighting has the potential to transform the space entirely. This article will help you how to pick the appropriate tall table lamps for your home.

Know the basics when it comes to picking the appropriate tall table lamp

Tall table lamps impart elegance to the rooms wherever these are placed. Having a tall table lamp for a side table may appear to be larger. However, it adds classiness to the room when you opt for a neutral color. Pick a large lamp base as it can work wonders for your living room. Make sure you pick a shade that permits the bulb to be covered.

Make a statement with tall table lamps

The presence of a lamp plays a crucial role in a contemporary setting. Having tall table lamps that come in shiny copper or black base can set the mood of the room and can also become the object of focus when used appropriately.

Do not forget to look into the lamp shade fabrics

You can opt for a burlap or linen lamp shade fabric, if you prefer a diffused look. Go for a crisp white shade when you are looking for a brighter shade. Any fabric shade will work wonders for the ambiance. Just consider the cleaning requirements while opting for a lampshade. Cotton and silk are difficult to dust and maintain.

Shade styles should be considered

Drum shades can be used in transitional and modern homes. Fluted style or tulip lamp shades prove out to be better in a traditional setting. A variety of styles can be employed in eclectic homes. Make sure the styles are long enough to create a statement. If the atmosphere is edgy and funny, then large fluted shade can prove out to be too formal.

Proper placement of the tall table lamps

Placement details matter. If the electrical outlet is out of the room where you are considering placing the lamp in then it is better to drop the idea or look for an alternative. This is because long strands of cords can prove out to be dangerous. Consider having another outlet just next to the seating where you intend to place the lamp.


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