How to pick small bedroom chandeliers?

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Chandeliers aren’t just meant for dining roomSmall Dining Room Chandeliers 5 rules for hanging s and hallways. They can also be used in bedrooms. However, there are certain things that one must consider while picking chandeliers for the bedroom.


The size of the bedroom determines the size of the chandelier that can be used within the room. The height of the walls as well plays a crucial role in determining the size of the chandelier that would fit into the bedroom.Small Dining Room Chandeliers best chandelier for small You need to add the length and the width of the bedroom together. The result should be considered in inches. This would offer you the diameter of the chandelier you need to do for.


You should never forget what purpose the chandelier would serve in the bedroom. This can be included in your bedroom lighting plan. You can also include it only as a decorative piece orSmall Dining Room Chandeliers living room ideas for as mood lighting. Any ambient small bedroom chandelier needs to be bright and must have provisions to be controlled by a switch. In bedrooms, the main light fixture offers ambient lighting. A dimmer switch can be used to set the mood. This can help you vary the brightness as per your requirements.


In order to determine what wattage would work for your bedroom chandeliSmall Dining Room Chandeliers chandeliers for small spaceser, you need to multiply the length and the width of the room. The result needs to be multiplied by 1.5 in order to obtain the wattage that is required in order to light your bedroom up. A total wattage of 252 is required in a bedroom of 12 feet by 14 feet. If you plan to use a chandelier as the main lighting source in your bedroom, then you need to make sure that it carries bulk wattage. You can Small Dining Room Chandeliers blue-elegant-dining-room-with-white-hydrangeas-and- mwhviutalso include bedside lamps as secondary lighting source for tasks.

Harmony and mood

Before purchasing any light fixture, you need to consider the style of your bedroom. This will help you to determine what kind of small bedroom chandelier would work well for your bedroom. If your bedroom dictates a style that is modern, you can opt for a sleek design. A crystal chandelier woulSmall Dining Room Chandeliers dining room chandelier ideasd work well in a bedroom that has been designed based on an antique theme. Chandeliers made of wagon wheels or antlers can work well in a bedroom based on a western theme. You can style your bedroom chandelier with hanging tassels, beads or floral garlands.

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