How to make your own funky bedside lamps

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We love lights and having a bedside lamp is as Unique Funky Floor Lamps funky floor lamp essential as any other lamps or lighting fixture in the house. But no matter how good lamp we select while purchasing we get bored of them in few months. Also we can’t afford to buy new in very few months. So what should be done? The answers is “when can’t have new one make them from the old ones”. Here, we have few ideas that can be used to make funky bedside lamps of boring table lamps Cool Funky Floor Lamps eclectic and funky floor

Shimmer the room –

Remove your old lamp shade from the lamp and cover it with glitter and sequins. A golden glitter mostly suits all types of wall color or wall textures. Nothing’s funkier then shimmers after all.

Go bold –

If you are not a fan of shimmer and sequins go for stencil designs. Make any geometric figure on paper, make a stencil out of it with cContemporary Funky Floor Lamps this would be aardboard. Now using these stencils paint your lamp shade with bold geometric designs and diagrams.

Make a new one from old tin can –

Take any desired sized steel tin. You may even get them at cheap rates for any hardware shops. You will need machine for this one and little knowledge about using it. In case you are not confident about it, ask a friend to help in. make small holes Funky Floor Lamps grady floor lampin the tins at various occasional places randomly. And at the bottom of the tin cut a circle half of the radius. If you are not pro in it mark or trace a circle on it before hand. Make sure to it safely and neatly. Once done with this, you will have paint them in any desired color that goes with the room. Tip here is to use blue color as it soothing to eyes and favorite of everybody. You may need Funky Floor Lamps funky floor lampto apply few coats on it to get desired look and once done let it aside to dry completely. Now take a led lamp or a bulb and keep it on your bedside table and invert the prepared tin over it. And congratz, your funky bedside lamp is ready.

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