How to make your own adjustable reading sconces?

How to make your own adjustable reading sconces?

DIY reading sconces

Sconces are used as task lights in various lighting fixtures. These along with creating shades and beautiful tones in the house are used for the purposes like reading, working, grooming, etc. here in the article we have bought for you DIY reading sconces.

Step by step procedure

  • All you need to start for this is your old lamp. At first you need to separate the shade from the mount. It should come off just by loosening the screw.
  • You two option now to use same old cord or a new one. We have explained both in this. In case you want to keep the old one tape them off as you will have to paint the shade first. Any color of your choice should work well. Satin black usually goes with all decors and thus is often recommended.
  • After few coats when you are satisfied with color, let it dry for a few hours.
  • Now is the time to add copper fittings and wooden dowels to the lamp.

You will need –

2 – ½ copper caps

3 – ½ copper 90 degree elbows

4 – Wooden dowels of length of 22”, 10.5”, 9”, 6.5”.

  • Mod podge glue can be used to stick or any other powerful glue can be used.
  • Now the turn comes for the dowel to be painted. Let the paint dry out completely. If you want to retain the natural look of wood don’t paint it.
  • Next step is simple. All you need is to add glue to the dowels and insert them in the copper elbows. Remember the shape of the sconce cord you want while attaching the dowels.
  • Once you are finished with attaching the dowels, let them dry completely. It usually takes couple of hours to dry.
  • Attach the light to the shade and once all apparatus is functional add the copper caps on the ends of the dowel.
  • With the help of pipe strips that copper in color as well, mount this reading sconce on the wall. And yes your super cool reading sconce is ready to used and admired by all.
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