How to make your antique floor lamps

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Floor lamps

Floor lamps are greatCool Antique Floor Lamps torchier floor lamp vintage additions in lighting fixtures. Floor lamps are easy to accommodate in any corner of the house and do not take much space compared to table or desk lamps as they require a table or desk respectively. Nothing is more beautiful than having an Antique floor lamps. This article guides you to have your own floor lamps which is completely unique.

Guide to make your own Antique Floor Lamp<Antique Floor Lamps crocodile floor lamp - mystery/p>

Do you have a mail box outside your house? Do you want something similar inside the house? Well here is the guide to assist you.

You can use your old floor lamp stand or buy from some garage sale or some used stuff selling stores. Paint them if they don’t match your décor.
For the shade, cut the hoop from the center to form two semi-circle. Get a hard cardboard to the make the base Antique Floor Lamps enlarge photoof the mail box. Make sure to have a cut in the base for inserting light.
Cut the Plexiglas as per the diameter of the hoop and of length of the base.
Hold a single hoop at a time and attach the Plexiglas on to it with the help of hot gun glue. Repeat the same with other side. Once done add holding clips to it to keep the things in position.
Now comes the sides of the mail box. Place the PlexiglasAntique Floor Lamps first let us define antique around the side and trace the outline. With this obtained dimensions, cut two pieces for either sides.
Now place the Plexiglas at sides and glue them you might have to hold them for little while till it dries partially.
Time for attaching the selected fabric to our mail box. Selecting single bold color like red or green would look more appealing and natural. Instead of any particular fabric you cAntique Floor Lamps combine your antique floor lampsan even opt for poster papers.
Cutting of these fabric / paper will be in a similar fashion to that of the Plexiglas. With the hot gun glue stick it on the mail the box. This finishes making of your Antique Floor Lamps.
Add the light to it as normally would be done for any shade.

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