How to make deer antler chandelier yourself

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Chandeliers form important part of accent lightStylish Deer Antler Chandelier how to make an ing fixtures. Various types like candle, pendant and other types are available in market and one such popular one is Deer Antler Chandelier. Many think it in human to have Deer Antler Chandelier as antlers have to be forcibly remove from the deer. However, it is important to know that every year male deer shed of their antlers to have new set, so do not worry about it. A cabin set in woods or withDeer Antler Chandelier whitetail deer 9 antler cascade house décor with effect goes well with Deer Antler Chandelier. Here’s how to make your own Deer Antler Chandelier without investing lot money at the stores. From the hardware stores electrical lightings can be easily purchased, thus ensuring that it works properly.

Making of Deer Antler Chandelier –

Step 1 –

Antlers can be brought from any hardware storeDeer Antler Chandelier authentic 8 light deer antler. They are usually easy to find and not much expensive compared to the ones readymade in stores. You will also need to buy chandelier kit.

Step 2 –

Using an oil based soap clean the antler even it’s completely new. Once dried up completely add coats of polyurethane to have a finished look. If needed add few coats but always wait for the previous coat to dry first.

Awesome Deer Antler Chandelier twelve light deer antler

Step 3 –

Make holes at the tip of the antler where you wish to add lights in it. To the side of antler, drill more holes. A circle of wires of the lights will pass through them, while arranging the antler in the form of a circle. When the antlers in the position you desired tighten it and get the ends of wire together by twisting them.

Step 4 –

ThrPopular Deer Antler Chandelier 8 light large muleough the base of the antlers pass the wires and from the holes made at the tips. Now in the light socket place the bulbs. It is likely that all lights won’t be at same level. Use model clay to get them to equal height.

Step 5 –

To the top of the Deer Antler Chandelier attach the chains and the anchors. This art piece chandelier is now ready to make statement in your hoInterior Deer Antler Chandelier coues deer antler chandelieruse.

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