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Swag lamps in terms of lightening simply means Floor Lamp Glass Shade Replacement floor lamp 7 lights that are hanged from the ceilings. These include variety of lamps like pendant lights, chandeliers, recessed lights, etc. it is mainly used to enlighten the fabric of the lamp shade which has been electrified with one or many bulbs and have been hanged from the ceiling mostly by metal chains. Only drawback if this is that it is difficult to wire them on the ceiling. Here in this article we Floor Lamp Glass Shade Replacement floor lamp replacementhave given step by step guide as to how to install swag lamps to the ceilings –

Step 1 –

From your existing hanging lamp cut the cord just like a few inches is left.

Step 2 –

With the help of scissor strip out the plastic insulation from the cord. Now split the two exposed wire simply by pulling them in opposite directions. This will alloCollection of Floor Lamp Glass Shade Replacement arrangementw to work freely with individual wire.

Step 3 –

Unpack your swag kit and empty all contents. Mostly lamp cord of 15 feet or even more is provided in the kit. Along with lamp cord, long chain, two anchoring ceiling hooks and wire caps are also present. Pass the cord from the chains via the few links.

Step 4 –

Again with scissors cut the plastic Home Decor Floor Lamp Glass Shade Replacement ...insulation off the cord at last few inches of the wire from the kit. Check the colors of the wire and the corresponding color of your hanging light wire. Match them as it should be and using a needle nose plier wrap them around each other.

Step 5 –

Using the wire caps from the kit cap off the connected wires. Now use the chain such that all your work easily get hidden beFloor Lamp Glass Shade Replacement lamp glass replacementhind it.

Step 6 –

Search for a location in your house to attach the hook which is close enough from the wall outlet. And also have sufficient space to allow the 80 inch distance between hanging lamp and the floor.

Step 7 –

The second should be attached near the electric outlet. These two hooks will now hold the entire weight of your swag lamps.Floor Lamp Glass Shade Replacement upgradelights 8 inch


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