How to install a hanging chandelier

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Hanging chandeliers are known to be a very attrOutdoor Hanging String Lights image of: pool outdoor active lighting option and with the correct procedure, you can comfortably install your hanging chandelier without any difficulties but you have to ensure that you remove the old fixture.

Removing the old fixture

Switch off the power supply and careful unscrew your old fixture or if you have direct access to the fuse box, you can disable connections to your old fixture. VerifyDesign Ideas Outdoor Hanging String Lights how to that the power is off by switching on and off the lights or you can test the power supply using a circuit tester.

Remove all the detachable parts from the fixture; detachable parts include light covers, light bulbs and other pendants. Using a screw driver unscrew the nuts from the fixture and hold the fixture tightly before detaching it from the ceiling.

Take note of how the wires aOutdoor Hanging String Lights best 25+ patio stringre connected to have an easier time installing your hanging chandeliers, disconnect the wiring system and store your old fixture so that it cannot get into the way of your installation.

Install your chandelier

In order to install your chandelier in the proper manner, you have to ensure that you determine its weight. Use a screw driver and a brace bar to remove the existing mouOutdoor Hanging String Lights backyard evolution string lightsnting box. You can also remove the existing brass bar to ease your fixing procedure. Attach your new mounting box either above or under the ceiling.

The next step is attaching the chandelier on the mounting box; first, you have to assemble the base of the chandelier by screwing all the parts of the chandelier together except the canopy which is directly attached onto the ceiling.

If the hanging chandelier has a long chain, you can shorten it to the desired length. you have to keep in mind that the base of the chandelier should be at least thirty inches above the surface of your tables and if the chandelier I hanging in foyers, it has to be at least seven feet above the floor surface.

Install the mounting strip onto the mounting box by screwing it in the junction box and you have to ensure that it is firmly held in the box. The next step entails threading the wires of the chandelier through the chain link of the chandelier. Hold the chandelier close to the ceiling and mount it on the chains, wrap the copper wires around the base of the canopy and then strip its ends onto the insulated wires by joining the hot wires together and the neutral wires together. Bolt your hanging chandelier into place and test if it’s working.


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