How to hang patio lighting

How to hang patio lighting

Did you know that outdoor lighting is a very essential element in that they can transform the simple look of your home into a glamorous and beautiful oasis? Patio lighting also aid in creation of exceptional atmospheric conditions in dining, bistro and restaurants. You can also carry your event comfortably at night using these lights.

Select the appropriate patio lighting

You have to know that there are several patterns that you can choose from when it comes to patio lighting, most of these lights will work in any space therefore you have to make a choice which is aesthetic. The next thing is to determine how you would like your patio lights to hang; you can either allow them to dangle freely on a string or you can choose any pattern

Straight line patio lighting

This is a very elegant option for any space, you can either use short strings or you can use longer strings to create your unique checker board to hang your patio lighting. You also have the option of lifting up at a certain point to create a tent.

The v pattern patio lighting

These lights usually start at a central point like a building or a tree and it can be created using a long string. You can also use different strings and anchor them at different points to create an umbrella effect.

Simply drape patio lighting

All you have to do is to find an ideal location and drape your lights across them; you can therefore hang these lights from tree to tree or along the fence lines. You can also create your own poles by cementing posts on a flat surface.

Select your patio lighting bulbs and stringer design

Patio lighting requires specific stringer design and bulbs; there are different socket styles, copper shades they usually inspire a nostalgic in yours space. If you have a contemporary space, you can opt for the suspended patio lights because they will give your space a unique and sophisticated lighting whereas in line sockets are perfect for most lighting designs.

Choose a bulb finish

There are multiple bulbs that you can opt for instance; satin which aids in creation of a very sophisticated lighting in special events, the transparent bulbs on the other hand allow light to shine visibly throughout and they are also perfect for all occasions.

Patio lighting is therefore the appropriate outdoor lighting and they always give any space a cozy feeling.


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