How to get your home ceiling lights properly positioned

How to get your home ceiling lights properly positioned

Back in the days, updating the ceiling lights involved buying lamp shades and fixtures that matched the décor of your room and the ceiling. Today, there are vibrant varieties of home ceiling lights with varying styles, sizes and designs to choose from. For some time now, everyone has learnt to appreciate the benefits that come with selecting the right type of lighting for their rooms. It’s clear that an improper lighting can ruin the perfect décor of a room within a blink of an eye. So you got to make the right decisions.

One problem with making decisions on lighting fixtures is that most people are directed by their hearts rather than what’s in place. Don’t make the problem of selecting a lighting fixture that most impresses you and try to figure out which room it might fit in. Instead, do it vice versa. First have a look at your room and then select the ceiling lights.  Here are a few tips on that.

Consider your room size

First consider the width of your room. Long and narrow rooms are somewhat difficult to light up effectively. Instead of a home ceiling light that is centrally located, you may consider using track lighting. This is where several spotlights are attached to a track to create a more versatile light distribution. This form of lighting is well suited for a dining room or a kitchen.

How high is your ceiling?

High ceilings are well suited with chandeliers and pendant lights. As for low ceilings as in many modern homes, a better lighting option would be flush and semi-flush light fittings. A good example for use is the Luther 4 Light Semi-flush lighting which has crystal glass shades with a chrome finish.

Consider keeping it simple

Sometimes when you’re not sure with the right lighting, it’s always good to keep it simple so you don’t go far wrong. Actually there’s nothing wrong with having simple home ceiling lights. But bear in mind the décor of your room. The theme color of your décor should be white or light grey for it to match well with a simple ceiling light.

Lighting up the bathroom

When choosing ceiling lights for your bathroom, consider the IP rating, size and style of the ceiling lights. If you are not familiar with IP ratings, consider consulting your lighting specialist. Basically, IP rating deals with how the lighting fixture is well protected against water and dust ingress.

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